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4 Easy Ways To Prevent Kidney Stones


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Does one in ten individuals will encounter kidney stones at some point during their lives? According to recent studies, kidney stone rates are on the rise across the country and those aware of all that is going on accept that misinterpretations of information could be the root of it all.

Help you remain stone-free by dispelling some of the major kidney stone myths and confusions.

Try Not To Underestimate Your Sweat.

Saunas, hot yoga and physical activity may be great ways to boost health; however they may also lead to kidney stones. Sweating can reduce pee production; therefore allowing more minerals that cause stones to settle in your kidneys and urinary tract.

As one way to prevent kidney stones, drinking plenty of water and leading to frequent urination is arguably the best strategy. Also be sure to stay adequately hydrated when participating in activities which require significant sweating such as sports.

Not All Stones Are Created Equal.

Uric acid kidney stones are another frequent type. Red meat, organ meats and shellfish contain large concentrations of purines which increase production of uric acid which then leads to greater acid load on kidneys for excretion by urine (lowering pH levels and acidifying it more) leading to higher discharge of this acid into urine making more acidic pee making the risk of kidney stones easier to form.

To prevent uric acid stones, reduce intake of high-purine foods like red meat, organ meats and shellfish; follow a balanced diet including mostly vegetables and fruits with whole grains, low fat dairy items and sugary drinks such as those containing high fructose corn syrup; limit alcohol as it can raise uric acid levels in blood; stay away from crash diets that contain too much animal-based protein and concentrate more on fruits and vegetables as this will decrease urine acidity which reduces stone formation risk.

It’s Not Just The Oxalate.

Oxalate can be found naturally in many foods, from fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, grains, vegetables and even chocolate and tea. Some examples of foods high in oxalate content include peanuts, rhubarb, spinach beets chocolate sweet potatoes containing higher concentrations than the others such as peanuts. Limiting consumption may help individuals who form calcium oxalate kidney stones more successfully.

Many people believe that cutting out foods high in oxalate content alone will reduce your likelihood of calcium oxalate kidney stones, though while this approach might work in theory it’s not beneficial from an overall health standpoint since most kidney stones form when calcium binds with oxalate in urine produced by your kidneys.

Eating and drinking calcium- and oxalate-rich foods at once during meals is beneficial in that both substances will bind together more readily in your stomach and digestive organs before entering your kidneys for processing, making it unlikely that kidney stones will form.

Calcium Isn’t The Enemy.

Yet it Will Inevitably Receive Bad Reputations Due to its name and chemical synthesis, many have come to believe that calcium is to blame in calcium-oxalate stones. But according to Dr. Jhagroo, patients often wonder why their stones keep reappearing after decreasing calcium intake; even their doctors advised them to do so! In reality, however, diets low in calcium actually increase risk of kidney stones significantly.

Reduce sodium consumption while pairing calcium-rich foods with those rich in oxalates for optimal results.

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