Advantages of Poppy Seeds (Khus Khus)

Khus or Poppy seeds are the notable ingredient that tracks down a place in various Indian foods. Since they are really great for diabetes, they are utilized in many recipes for diabetes, as well. While they have a peculiar nutty taste, they are highly prescribed when you want to add a pleasant aroma to any cooking.

Different variants of Poppy seeds are readily available. From these, the popular kinds are:

White Poppy seeds – Also known as Indian/Asian Poppy seeds
Oriental Poppy seeds – Also known as Opium Poppy
Blue Poppy seeds – Also known as European Poppy seeds

Nutrition Facts of Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds are a rich source of dietary fiber. This helps you feel full for longer timeframes. It also contains 9.7 mg magnesium in one teaspoon, which is helpful for great bone health and blood coagulating. The iron and calcium content of poppy seeds play a significant job in the turn of events and health of the sensory system.

Improvement of Fertility

Poppy seeds play a pivotal job in boosting female fertility. They are known to eliminate bodily fluid from the fallopian cylinders and aid in achieving pregnancy. They also enhance sexual longing and work on sexual health by boosting libido.

Battles insomnia

Opium Poppy is successful in actuating sleep. Known to create a calming impact, the seeds help in cutting down feelings of anxiety. They can be polished off as tea or made into a paste and blended in with warm milk to partake in a favored sleep.

Bone Strength

Being rich in copper and calcium, Poppy seeds help in working on bone health. The manganese in the seeds helps in the creation of the protein collagen that shields the bones from severe damage.

Further develops Digestion

Poppy seeds are a rich source of insoluble fiber and help in strengthening the digestive framework and treating constipation actually.

Works on Cardiovascular Health

Poppy seeds have an abundance of dietary strands present in them. They play a job in decreasing the levels of harmful cholesterol in the body and keeping the levels of good cholesterol up. Poppy seeds are also rich in iron and work on the circulation of blood. Blood pressure levels are under control with the utilization of poppy seeds and they also contain Omega-3 fatty acids which are beneficial in diminishing the chances of cardiovascular diseases.

Effective Cure of Mouth Ulcers

Since they have a cooling impact on the body, poppy seeds are known to be a great treatment for mouth ulcers. Notwithstanding, just limited research is known to back this philosophy.

Works on Cognitive Functions

Poppy seeds are rich in iron. This helps sanitize the blood and increase hemoglobin levels in the blood. Utilization of poppy seeds can work on the circulation of blood which brings about an optimal stockpile of oxygen to all aspects of the body including your brain. This can help neurotransmitters work productively and work on the mental working of the brain.

Great for Thyroid

Zinc is a pivotal component for thyroid glands, and thanks to their rich zinc content, Poppy seeds play a crucial job in appropriate thyroid working.

Natural Analgesic

For generations, Poppy seeds have been an attempted and tried choice to ease pain. Many ancient medical practitioners have utilized the analgesic properties of Poppy seeds to comfort their patients from pain and discomfort. A few reports also propose the utilization of Poppy tea, made by blending the seeds in steaming hot water, to diminish pain. The pain-easing property is significantly high in the Opium variant of the Poppy seeds.

Helps in Dandruff treatment

Prepare a paste of soaked Poppy seeds, white pepper, and hung curd and apply to your hair. Leave for half an hour and wash off. Use regularly to forestall the event of dandruff.

Advances mental health

Dry poppy seeds contain tiny levels of opium alkaloids which have a few beneficial consequences for the human body. It helps soothe apprehensive irritability and act as a painkiller. Poppy seed drink also decreases the levels of cortisol in the body and assist with lessening feelings of anxiety.

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