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Advantages Of Poppy Seeds (Khus Khus)


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Khus (poppy seeds) are an integral component of many Indian dishes and dishes designed for diabetes management, being highly recommended in many recipes for such conditions. Due to their distinct nutty taste and pleasant aroma, these seeds make a wonderful way to add dimension and aroma to your cooking.

Poppy seeds come in many varieties and forms; among these varieties are:

White poppy seeds – commonly referred to as Indian/Asian poppy seeds Oriental Poppy Seeds (Opium Poppys)
Blue Poppy Seeds – commonly referred to as European Poppy seeds.

Nutrition Facts Of Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds are an excellent source of dietary fiber that will keep you feeling satisfied for longer. One teaspoon contains 9.7 mg magnesium which has numerous health benefits for bones and blood coagulation; their iron and calcium contents also play an essential part in supporting sensory systems and supporting their wellbeing.

Improvement Of Fertility

Poppy seeds play a pivotal job in boosting female fertility. They are known to eliminate bodily fluid from the fallopian cylinders and aid in achieving pregnancy. They also enhance sexual longing and work on sexual health by boosting libido.

Battles Insomnia

Poppy seeds play a pivotal role in improving female fertility. Their main function is removing bodily fluid from fallopian tubes and helping women conceive successfully, as well as increasing sexual longing and strengthening libido.

Bone Strength

Opium Poppy seeds have proven their ability to induce sleep by creating a soothing effect on anxiety. You can enjoy them in tea form or blend it into warm milk to get restful slumber.

Further Develops Digestion

Poppy Seeds Support Bone Strength Packed with copper and calcium, Poppy seeds offer essential support for bone health. Their manganese content also aids in creating collagen which protects the bones from further damage.

Works On Cardiovascular Health

Poppy seeds offer many nutritional benefits. They help lower harmful cholesterol levels while increasing beneficial ones in the body, improve circulation of blood and decrease blood pressure levels by using poppy seeds as they contain Omega-3 fatty acids to reduce cardiovascular diseases risks.

Effective Cure Of Mouth Ulcers

Poppy seeds have long been touted as an effective treatment for mouth ulcers due to their cooling effect on the body, yet only limited research backs this theory up.

Works On Cognitive Functions

Poppy seeds contain iron, which helps cleanse and raise hemoglobin levels in the blood. Consuming poppy seeds regularly can also increase circulation which provides oxygen to all areas of the body including your brain – thus helping neurotransmitters operate efficiently and enhancing mental processes.

Great For Thyroid

Poppy Seeds Are Excellent for Thyroid Gesundheit Zinc is essential in optimal thyroid functioning and Poppy seeds’ high zinc content is instrumental in supporting proper functioning.

Natural Analgesic

Poppy seeds have long been recognized for their natural analgesic properties. Many ancient medical practitioners relied upon Poppy seeds’ analgesic qualities to relieve their patients of discomfort, with reports also citing its use in making Poppy tea (using hot water poured over seeds to blend), which can significantly decrease pain levels; their effectiveness being particularly evident with Opium variants of Poppy seeds.

Helps In Dandruff Treatment

Make a paste using soaked Poppy seeds, white pepper and curd and apply to your hair for half an hour, leaving for 30 minutes before washing off and repeating as often as necessary to reduce dandruff occurrence. Use regularly in order to prevent future outbreaks of this condition.

Advances Mental Health

Dry Poppy Seeds Promote Mental Health Dry poppy seeds contain trace levels of opium alkaloids which provide several advantages for human bodies. It can soothe anxiousness and painkiller, reduce cortisol levels in the body and help ease feelings of anxiety. Drinking poppy seed drinks also has this same positive impact.

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