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Ranking The Best Universities In New Zealand


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Finding The Best Universities In New Zealand: Selecting an educational institution can be challenging, with so many to choose from in New Zealand alone. To assist with making informed decisions we have put together this comprehensive ranking of New Zealand’s finest universities.

This guide offers an in-depth view of each university in New Zealand, detailing their strengths, weaknesses, and overall ranking. Additionally, this document outlines criteria used to rank them, including faculty-student ratios, graduation rates, research output and more. With this information at your fingertips, you can be certain you are selecting the most suitable university for your educational needs – let’s begin your search today!

1) University Of Auckland

University of Auckland
University of Auckland

University of Auckland The University of Auckland is New Zealand’s largest and highest-ranking university, established in 1883. Over time it has expanded, growing to enroll over 40,000 students today. Some strengths include its large research output, low faculty-student ratio and impressive graduate employment rates – however its student-to-staff ratio does present some difficulties.

2) University Of Otago

University of Otago
University of Otago

The University of Otago is another top-ranking university in New Zealand, first founded in 1869 and gradually expanding since. Today it enrolls just under 20,000 students and prides itself on strong research output and graduate employability despite having an unfavorable graduation rate and high student-to-staff ratio.

3) Massey University

Massey University
Massey University

Massey University is one of New Zealand’s premier single-campus universities and boasts over 30,000 enrolled students today. Established in 1908, Massey’s strengths include strong research output and low faculty-student ratio; on the other hand, however, graduation rates tend to be relatively low and student-staff ratio is relatively high.

4) Victoria University Of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington
Victoria University of Wellington

Victoria University of Wellington is New Zealand’s second-largest and oldest public university, established in 1898 and steadily growing ever since. Enrolled students number just under 20,000 currently. Strengths include its impressive research output and high graduate employment rates while downsides include its relatively low graduation rate and high student-to-staff ratio.

5) University Of Canterbury

 University of Canterbury
University of Canterbury

Established in 1913 and gradually growing ever since its launch, New Zealand’s third-largest university – University of Canterbury currently enrolls just under 15,000 students and prides itself on strong research output, low student-to-staff ratio and an advantageous faculty-student ratio. However, graduation rates at Canterbury can sometimes fall within its low graduation rate threshold and it has an often low graduation rate as compared to its competition.

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Now that you understand how the top universities in New Zealand are ranked, you can make an informed decision when selecting which institution to attend. Keep in mind that university rankings may fluctuate over time – even if a university ranks highly now, its status could change in future rankings; keeping up-to-date is easy though and any change should be noticed quickly.

Staying informed and following current events are the keys to staying ahead. Now that you are aware of how New Zealand universities rank, making an educated choice on which institution to attend should become easier.

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