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A Guide To The Best Universities In Dubai


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With Dubai as its backdrop, it comes as no surprise that some of the world’s premier universities can be found there. From the International Institute of Management and Technology to American University of Dubai, Dubai provides world-class educational opportunities for all levels. Be it business, engineering or the arts; universities here will certainly meet your needs! Here is our Guide To The Best Universities In Dubai; discover what makes each institution special before making your selection! Join us as we discover Dubai’s finest institutions together!

Guide To The Best Universities In Dubai

1) American University Of Dubai

The American University of Dubai is a private, not-for-profit research university founded by a private university holding company. As the first American higher education institution established in the UAE and Middle East region, AU Dubai delivers its programs at Dubai Silicon Oasis, Health City and Education City Campus Doha Qatar.

American University of Dubai

AU Dubai provides undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs in Business, Engineering, Humanities & Sciences and Education that attract students from over 100 nations – taught by more than 1000 faculty members from AU Dubai’s team of over 1,000 faculty. It has garnered the high praise from students as one of the premier institutions in the Middle East region.

2) The British University In Dubai

The British University in Dubai is a private university that teaches exclusively in English and offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs to learners across all academic levels. Their curriculum is designed to equip learners with skills needed to thrive in today’s globally competitive environment and boasts state-of-the-art facilities including laboratories, libraries, lecture halls, and computer rooms.

The British University in Dubai

BU Dubai also runs several research centers dedicated to specific fields such as sustainability, Islamic studies and health sciences. Students may select programs from business administration, marketing, finance accounting and engineering. Although a relatively new university, BU Dubai has already earned itself a strong reputation as one of the top universities in Dubai.

3) Skyline University College

Skyline University College was established in 2005 as a private, English-teaching institution, offering undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs at affordable prices. Renowned for providing quality education at a reasonable cost, Skyline is the ideal choice if you are seeking low-cost study options in Dubai.

Skyline University College

Institution specializes in business administration, hospitality management, real estate and construction management, computer and information technology and law. Students may add British GCSE or A Level qualifications to their degrees. Modern facilities available at this university include library services, computer labs, research centers and cafeteria. Ultimately it has earned itself the status as one of Dubai’s best universities.

4) Manipal University Dubai

Manipal University Dubai (UM Dubai) is a private non-profit university operated jointly by Manipal Education and Medical Group and Dubai Holding. Offering both undergraduate and graduate degree programs at its Dubai campus as well as online programs, its curriculum fosters critical thinking and analytical abilities while equipping students to enter global job markets.

Manipal University Dubai

Students studying at Manipal University Dubai hail from over 50 nations, and its partnership with various organizations allows students to gain industry experience. Choose from degree programs like business administration, finance & accounting or applied sciences at this renowned institution renowned as one of Dubai’s finest educational establishments.

5) Al Ghurair University

Al Ghurair University, a private non-profit institution, offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral degrees. Renowned for its innovative teaching methods and collaborative approach to education, students may select from among several undergraduate degree programs including business administration, marketing, finance & accounting, computer science & information technology.

Al Ghurair University

Al Ghurair University, Dubai offers both master’s degree programs and doctoral studies. With state-of-the-art facilities including computer labs, libraries, research centers and lecture halls; Al Ghurair has established itself as one of the premier educational institutions in Dubai.

6) University Of Wollongong Dubai

The University of Wollongong Dubai is an international branch campus of Wollongong University in Australia, one of Australia’s leading public universities. Offering undergraduate degree programs including business administration, finance & marketing and human resource management.

Guide To The Best Universities In Dubai
University of Wollongong Dubai image credit

Students can study for postgraduate degrees in business and engineering at this university, which provides modern facilities including lecture halls, libraries, computer labs and research centers. It has earned a renown as one of the premier institutions in Dubai.

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When searching for the ideal universities in Dubai, several considerations must be kept in mind. From course selection and quality education, to affordability and campus culture. When making your selection, make sure it fits with your learning style and goals – along with things such as affordability and location. With careful research you may discover your perfect match! So when embarking on your quest to find Dubai’s finest institutions keep these aspects in mind as part of the search for success.

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