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How To Find Cheap Health Insurance: Some Ways To Get Cheaper Coverage


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Finding affordable health insurance can be a difficult challenge for anyone. Rising healthcare costs combined with narrow provider networks and high deductibles make securing coverage a challenge for even healthy individuals. But there are ways to find cheap health insurance if you know where and what to look for; in this article we outline five strategies you can implement immediately to secure cheaper health coverage.

Contact Health Insurance Companies Direct Asking For Better Rates

Before beginning your search for cheaper health insurance, it’s wise to contact several major health insurers and inquire if there are any special offers or discounts that you could take advantage of. Many health insurance companies provide special programs and discounts to encourage healthier behaviors among their members, including smoking cessation programs and weight management initiatives. Because premiums on health insurance policies tend to increase each year, health care providers of these companies can best negotiate on your behalf with health insurance carriers for discounted coverage rates. With these strategies, you could save anywhere from 10%-40% off of your health insurance premiums – that’s still far less than you would otherwise pay in premiums without taking advantage of discounts! But don’t settle for just lower rates; make sure your health insurer covers providers you prefer over another. Lastly, shop around until you find one that best meets both your needs and budget!

Check For State-Run Exchange Offers

State-run health insurance exchanges often provide special deals and discounts to residents who qualify. You could qualify if you’re low income individual, have certain medical conditions, or if your state offers discounts through its health exchange website. Once you know which discounts are available to you, compare different insurance companies’ prices before selecting one which provides the best overall deal.

Participate In An Employer-Sponsored Health Insurance Exchange

If your state’s health insurance exchange offers special discounts for lower-income individuals, joining it and qualifying may be worthwhile. One way to do this would be through participating in your employer’s health insurance exchange offering this coverage (this can often be mandatory); by enrolling through them you’ll automatically be enrolled and can take advantage of any special deals and discounts provided by it.

Look For Nonprofit And Exchange Offerings That Serve Low-Income Individuals

If your state lacks its own health insurance exchange, consider joining a nonprofit health insurance exchange. Such organizations often provide health coverage options to individuals who do not qualify for Medicaid but earn low incomes; additional to nonprofit exchanges many states also have public exchanges which offer coverage only to people meeting certain income thresholds; those earning too much to qualify may find cheaper health coverage through these exchanges than traditional coverage options.

Check Out Short-Term Plans And Other Alternative Providers

One effective strategy to reduce health insurance costs is exploring short-term health plans or alternative health coverage solutions that offer less comprehensive protection than traditional health coverage options. As opposed to paying an expensive monthly premium that covers various healthcare services, short-term plans offer greater coverage by covering only major expenses like hospital stays or doctor’s visits. If your medical condition qualifies you for a discounted or surcharge health plan, short-term plans could be the ideal choice. Furthermore, due to not being subject to traditional health plans’ regulations and laws, they tend to be much cheaper options.

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Bottom Line

Finding affordable health insurance coverage can be challenging, but several strategies can help you secure the best possible deal. Start by reaching out to your current provider and taking advantage of any discounts available for low-income individuals. If your state doesn’t offer state-run health exchanges, nonprofit exchanges might also offer solutions. If you don’t currently have coverage but still require health coverage, short-term and other alternative providers may be an alternative choice that meets your needs.

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