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Instructions To Get Rid Of Dark Circles Permanently


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Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Dark circles don’t present a serious health threat; however, many individuals believe they make them appear tired, older, or unhealthy.

People use various natural and medically approved techniques to eliminate or reduce the appearance of dark circles under their eyes. While not all treatments will provide permanent solutions, with regular maintenance they should assist in diminishing dark circles over time.

For What Reason Do I Have Dark Circles Under My Eyes?

Dark circles under your eyes may be caused by fatigue, but there may also be other reasons, including:

  • allergies
  • allergic rhinitis (hay fever)
  • atopic dermatitis (eczema)
  • contact dermatitis
  • heredity
  • pigmentation irregularities
  • scratching or scouring eyes
  • sun openness

Another cause of dark circles can be linked to natural aging processes. With age comes fat and collagen loss and skin thinning; all these factors combined may make the blood vessels under your eyes more prominent.

As individuals age, they tend to develop puffy eyelids or hollows under their eyes that create shadows which may resemble dark circles under the eyes.

Step By Step Instructions To Dispose Of Dark Circles

People have reported a variety of ways that have worked to diminish the appearance of dark circles under their eyes, though each person may respond differently and some cures might not work for you.

As with any treatment plan, it’s always smart to consult your physician prior to trying them on yourself.


Fatigue and lack of rest can contribute to dark circles under your eyes, leading to paler skin tone and making those dark circles even darker. Make sure that you get seven to eight hours of restful slumber each night by practicing good sleeping hygiene practices.


Elevation Before sleeping, try placing extra pillows under your head to decrease fluid accumulation under your lower eyelids and reduce puffy eyelids.


Dilated blood vessels can often contribute to dark circles around your eyes, while an infection like flu can cause these vessels to constrict and reduce dark circles as a result.


Reduce or remove sun openness on your face


There are various over-the-counter lotions that could prove helpful in treating the dark circles beneath your eyes, including caffeine, vitamin E, aloe vera gel, hyaluronic acid and/or retinol containing products available over-the-counter.


Advocates of natural healing suggest chilling thick slices of cucumbers before placing them directly onto dark circles for about 10 minutes before washing off with cold water and repeating this treatment two times each day.

Almond Oil And Vitamin E

Natural healing advocates suggest mixing equal portions of almond oil and vitamin E and applying it directly onto dark circles prior to sleeping, then washing off in the morning using cold water for best results. Repeat this daily cycle until all dark circles have disappeared from your face.

Vitamin K

Recent reports demonstrated the efficacy of using an eye pad containing caffeine and vitamin K for undereye use to reduce wrinkle depth and dark circles.

Tea Bags

Natural healers recommend soaking two caffeinated teabags – or two caffeinated herbal teabags – in warm water, then chilling them briefly in the refrigerator before placing one on each eye for five minutes before removing and washing with cold water.

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