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5 Reasons Why Investing In Netflix Is A Smart Decision


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Netflix has quickly become one of the world’s premier streaming services and investors have seen great returns by investing in Netflix. Here, we explore five main reasons why investing in Netflix could be smart decision.

Netflix is an attractive investment choice due to its strong financials and vast library of content, making it an excellent decision for anyone considering investing in content streaming services. Offering low stock prices, high returns on investments and strong customer bases – Netflix ensures investors reap excellent returns on their investments. Let’s dive deeper and see why investing in Netflix could be wise decision.

1) Strong Financials

Strong Financials
Strong Financials

Netflix certainly meets this criteria when selecting an investment company and has proven this time and time again with their impressive financials. They boast an almost $3 billion in net income with almost $1 billion cash flow; these strong figures should provide investors with a solid return. In addition, Netflix is also an ideal global company with a large following who are sure to benefit from investing with them.

Netflix has amassed an incredible 137 million streaming members globally; approximately 71% come from outside of the US alone! This immense demand illustrates just how great an ROI Netflix offers investors. As more individuals sign up, its financials will continue to expand exponentially.

2) Large Library Of Content

Large Library of Content
Large Library of Content

One key advantage to investing in Netflix is its comprehensive library of content, featuring TV shows and movies available to stream at any time – this list continues to expand with new shows being added monthly! In addition, Netflix has invested significantly in creating original material which has proven an outstanding success story.

Black Mirror, Stranger Things and Orange is the New Black have become some of the most watched shows worldwide, showing that Netflix original content has won fans all around. Customers have become loyal subscribers who consume its original shows on a monthly basis; investing in Netflix could prove wise decision.

3) Low Stock Price

 Low Stock Price
Low Stock Price

A low stock price can be one of the main drivers behind investing wisely. Netflix currently trades at $331.70, making it an attractive low-risk investment option. In June 2018 when Netflix traded at just $90 per share, you would have seen your $10,000 invested then grow into $22,000 now – providing investors with an excellent return on investment and promising great profits in return.

Netflix’s low stock price can likely be attributed to increased competition from streaming services like Amazon and Hulu, who offer better services at lower costs – making it more difficult for Netflix to retain customers and remain the leading service. But should Netflix manage to maintain its lead and remain as the premier streaming provider, its stock price should increase and provide investors with great returns.

4) High Return On Investment

 High Return on Investment
High Return on Investment

An impressive return on investment (ROI) is another key reason to invest in any company, like Netflix’s 37% ROI – this figure indicates the stability of this investment and high likelihood that investors will make a profit from their decision to buy shares of Netflix. Netflix’s high ROI may be attributable to their large revenues and vast library of content which may explain this result.

Netflix boasts nearly $3 billion in annual revenues and boasts an enormous library of content – meaning viewers can stream movies or shows any time. As such, this makes Netflix an excellent investment and one from which investors can expect great returns.

5) Strong Customer Base

 Strong Customer Base
Strong Customer Base

Another key reason investing in Netflix can be an intelligent decision is their strong customer base. Over 137 Million People Are Joining
Netflix boasts over 137 Million Streaming Members globally; of which 71.6 Million Are Outside the United States alone – evidence that many individuals are signing up as paying customers of the service.

Netflix boasts a strong customer base and many people stream its streaming content, likely due to their vast library of TV shows and movies available to stream on demand. As a result, investing in Netflix guarantees a substantial return on investment (ROI).

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Netflix has quickly become one of the world’s favorite streaming services and an excellent investment opportunity. From its strong financials to its vast library of content, investing in Netflix could prove wisely wise decision.

Netflix is unquestionably an excellent investment choice. Boasting low stock prices, high returns on investments and an ever-evolved customer base, the streaming giant promises investors excellent returns.

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